Posted 2013-08-27 at 23:40

Seems like many member have some difficulty to post payment proofs in forum so here's a good help

1 ➨ First of you should make a screenshot of your payment. To do this, login to you payment processor account ( Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney,Payeer or BitCoin ).

Then open your payment details and press PRT SCR (ImprPant) Button on the keyboard to capture the image.

Where is PRT SCR Button? Look this image:


2 ➨ Now open the paint from Start menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint. and press CTRL+V to paste the captured image of payment. Now click Click on File -> Save and save the payment in JPEG format.

3 ➨ After that, you have to upload the image. The best image hosting to upload images is tinypic.com. Open Tinypic - ( Just Click Here ) an follow the steps below:


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

Insert captcha ( Verify that you are Human )


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

Some times it appears some ads before the picture, if so just remove them like it shows in picture below


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

Click View Full Size Image


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

Copy Url from image


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

In ClixTen go to Payment Proofs section and in your message follow this steps below


Click Here To Enlarge Picture

Click ok and your image should appear fine

Important:Do not forget to remove the REFERENCE NUMBER and EMAIL from your payment proof screenshot (you can do this using Paint using the rubber). This action is taken for security measurements of your payment and protect your payment processor account

Seems like it's to much to post a payment proof, but after 2 or 3 times doing the process you will see that it's very simple and necessary for the future not only to post payment proofs but for other things to show Print Screens of everything you want

Best regards


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