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$200 Contest, Promos & Updates
Published on 07-04-2014

Hi dear members,
I want to announce a short and important update for the site stability on our longterm plan.Since 1 november 2012, arround 140.000 members joined Clixten and over $30.000 have been paid without any kind of delays.To maintain our business stable for longterm there will be made some changes to keep it like this.

Important : Do Not Forget about our $200 contest that will end on 30 april

We have some GREAT News for everyone, stepped cashouts reduced and all PROMOs will be extended until 13 april
1. - Stepped cashout system will be reduced in members favor on the following format : $2,$3,$4 and $5 fixed cashout.
2. - Offers will be extended for 1 more week until next Sunday (13 april)
2.a. Offer 1 - Upgrade your account at 20% OFF price
2.a. Offer 2 - Buy 31 days Fixed Ads at $75 = 25% OFF (normal price $100)
2.a. Offer 3 - Buy 1~2 millions PTC Credits at $100~$200 = 50% OFF (normal price $200 - $400)
2.a. Offer 4 - Buy 1~2 millions Banner Credits at $10~$20 = 50% OFF (normal price $20-$40)
2.a. Offer 5 - Buy 500 Direct Referrals at $400 = 20% OFF (normal $500) [after 13 april the selling will be removed]

Now the things that will be changed for site stability after having serrious problems due of script:
1. Standard members guaranteed ads will be reduced to $0.002 from $0.005
2. Withdraw waiting time will be raised from 3 to 5 working days, but usually they will be released witin 24 hours.
3. Active Clicker members guaranteed ads will be reduced to theirs inicial vallue of $0.005 per click
4. Limit on cashouts
- standard members : $5 max per cashout
- Active Clicker : $10 max per cashout
- Golden - $20 per cashout
- Elite - $40 per cashout
- Ultimate - $50 per cashout

Important : Rented and Direct referrals earnings will NOT be affected.

$200 Contest & Lattest News
Published on 31-03-2014

Hi dear members,
Today we are celebrating the 1 Year and 5 months online beside our beloved members and supporters.
Since the moment of lunching our website, the improvements wasnt stopped any moment, at this moment our private dedicated servers, script and script security are more powerfull and more stable then ever. The server protections and technical details are created to sustain our website for years from now on. In the get paid to market the competition is verry high, because members requierements are verry high because of high number of scam sites offering impossible things to be realized for a stable system. We are bumping our business from moment to moment, first in january 2014 we have lunched our hosting sub-company (, the webdesign sub-company ( and in march we lunched our Pixel Advertising place ( where everyone can advertise his wanted programs for Life Time as low as $0.01 per px.
We want to thank you to all members that are supporting us for such a long time, without asking them to do this . As allways we are opened for members suggestions with the purpose to create a big community of happy earners.

With this event we want to announce the $200 Points Contest that will end on 30 april ~ 1 may. = CLICK HERE =

Offer 1 - Upgrade your account at 20% OFF price - (1 - 7 april)
Offer 2 - Buy 31 days Fixed Ads 25% OFF price $75 - (1 - 7 april)
Offer 3 - Buy 1~2 millions PTC Credits at 50% OFF price $100~$200 - (1 - 7 april)
Offer 4 - Buy 1~2 millions Banner Credits at 50% OFF price $10~$20 - (1 - 7 april)
Offer 5 - Buy 500 Direct Referrals at 20% OFF price $400 - (1 - 7 april) [after 7 april the selling will be removed]

Pascal Mihaela (Xten Owner) and Xten Team

Server, Script and Promotions ~ IMPORTANT
Published on 29-03-2014

Hi dear members,
Last night we had a server maintenance running for reconfiguration to improve our site performance and security.
Now the script is more powerfull then ever and our servers are running on maximum potencial, because we have moved the server platform to something more secure and stable for our long term plan.

I want to say thank you everyone for having trust in us since beggining (november 2012), we have reached far till now, over 135.000 members have joined our website and over $28.000 have been paid.

Now to regain the trust we have added +5 DAYS to all members rented referrals and for this weekend there will be FREE RECYCLE for everyone.

Also for this weekend we have prepared some GREAT PROMOTIONS for everyone:
- Upgrade your account and get for FREE direct referrals : 2, 5, 10, 25
- Buy 31 days Fixed Ad and get for FREE banner credits : 1.000.000
- Buy 200 direct referrals and get for FREE : 20 more

I want to announce that next week 10 moderators will be chossen and more informations will be given.

Important announcements !
Published on 18-03-2014

 Hi dear members,
We are glad to announce that after 1 year and allmost 5 months online, we are looking again for some responsable and active moderators for our community.
All new moderators will be named ''Ocassional-Moderator'' and after 3 months of activity, they will be upgraded to ''Moderator'' and after another 3 months they will be raised to the highest level of ''Head-Moderator''.
For moderator requests please go to this topic :

Allso i want to announce a important aspect of our forum activity for everyone. We have created the Terms Of Service back in November 2012. The aspects of referals and our program services was clearly written and accepted by all members that registerd on Clixten. We highly recomend everyone to get direct referals because they are taking any kind of fees for theirs monthly activity.

Until next monday we are offering 25% OFF on all membership's. Act now, and dot let this offer pass away.
- Active membership : only $15 insteed of $20
- GOLDEN membership : only $60 insteed of $80
- ELITE membership : only $375 insteed of $500
- ULTIMATE membership : only $600 insteed of $800

Until next monday we are offering 25% OFF on 30 DAYS FIXED ADVERTISEMENTS : 
- 30 Days Fixed Advertisement (4s) : only $60 insteed of $80
- 30 days Fixed Advertisement (10s): only $80 insteed of $120

3 Days Bonuses / promos and NEWS !!!
Published on 14-03-2014

Hi dear member,
We want to make a special announcement for everyone that is a part of our beloved community.
For over 1 year and 4 months Clixten, is still growing like a new paid to click website, latelly we are getting over 600 - 700 new members daily.As allways we are opened for ideas, suggestions and requests. Dont forget to post your payment proof on the forum and be more active on it.

For the next 3 days (included today) there will be some gifts, bonuses and promos:

[*] increased standard clicks vallue to $0.01 (4 x $0.01) - expire monday
[*] increase the referrals filters from 28 to 40 clicks given before they are rented, recycled, bought
[*] added to all members +1 day to all rented referrals
[*] getting paid - $0.10 PB + $0.05 MB for each payment proof posted since now in the forum.

[*] disscount of 50% OFF for 1.000.000 PTC Credits - expire monday
[*] disscount of 25% OFF for 31 days Fixed Ads - expire monday
[*] disscount of 25% OFF for 1.000.000 banner credits - expire monday
[*] disscount of 25% OFF for 200 direct referrals bought - expire monday
[*] disscount of 25% OFF for 1 year GRID (expected over 500.000 visits) - expire monday
[*] disscount of 25% OFF for UPGRADE Memberships - expire monday


With this changes over the referrals filters, and the extending of actual referrals of all members the problems should be
back to normal.

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