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Happy Birthday To Me !!!
Published on 06-02-2016

Hi dear members,
My name is Pascal Mihaela from Romania and today is my 26th birthday and the 4th time when i celebrate it beside my beloved members.
I am glad that working for you guys, we succeded to raise our bussines areas. In 2012 Clixten was lunched, in 2013 we opened the webhosting company and in 2014 launched the webdesign company,on 2015 we have added more earning options on Clixten and hired more personal to the company, and we are in a continuesly raising so not only the ptc members to be able to use our services.
For the 2016 our company will launch a new business activity domain, more informations will be released soon !!!
With this occasion all new members will get Free Silver for 1 week only because it's PARTY TIME !!!!
With this occasion i bring to all our members this HOT offers for 1 week only because it's PARTY TIME !!!!

Memberships HOT Offers : (for bonus open ticket)
- Buy Silver membership and get 1 DR + 5 RR
- Buy Golden membership and get 5 DR + 20 RR
- Buy Elite membership and get 20 DR + 100 RR
- Buy Ultimate membership and get 50 DR + 250 RR

Advertising HOT Offers : (for bonus open ticket)
- Buy 1.000.000 PTC Ad credits and get 1 million banner credits
- Buy 1.000.000 Banner credits and get 100.000 banner credits
- Buy 1 month Fixed Ad (10s) and get 1 month grid link + 1 million banner credits
- Buy 1 month Fixed Ad (5s) and get 1 month grid link
- Buy 3 months Grid and get 1 month extra

Thank you everyone for being part of this great community !

Pascal Mihaela (Xten Owner)

Christmas Is Here !
Published on 19-12-2015

I am glad that we are beside our member community on this 4th winter holiday season / Christmas. I wanna thank you all that are standing beside use for more then 3 years and are supported us to be come one of the few Legit Paid to Click websites.
After 3 Years and 1 month since our doors have been opened more and more members are getting paid day by day and more and more advertisers are using our services because of quality in advertising at resonable prices. Also our Alexa ranking is 5100 and is going fast on the top 5000 websites of this world and maybe next year will enter on top 4000 Alexa rank or maybe more.
During this promotion all the new members that will register on Clixten will receive FREE Silver for 1 week !

$1.000 Contest : for more informations click here

Christmass Promotions :

1. Cheaper upgrades
- 25% Off on Silver membership (pay $15 insteed $20)
- 20% off on Golden membership (pay $60 insteed $75)
- 15% off on Elite membership (pay $425 insteed $500)
- 10% off on Ultimate membership (pay $630 insteed $700)

2. Advertising Bonus
- for each 1 day fixed advertising 5s purchased get 1 day of Clixgrid for FREE (need to open ticket)
- for each 1 day fixed advertising 10s purchased get 1 day of Clixgrid for FREE + 10.000 banner credits (need to open ticket)
- buy 1.000.000 PTC Credits for $150 insteed $200

3. Direct Referrals 
- 100 dr = $125 
- 200 dr = $200

4. Banner Advertising 
- buy 1.000.000 banner credits and get for FREE - 1.000.000 banner credits (need to open ticket)

Now we wanna remind you all that the Christmas offers that are avaible until 20 january.

3 Years Online Celebration + $1.000 Contest
Published on 01-11-2015

Launched 1st November 2012
Have passed 3 years since our doors to this great ptc community have been opened for us. We have passed all the tests possible, the time tests, the hackers atacks, the competitors, the disputes, and many other things that make us more stronger. We have also succeded to raise our business other domains as webhosting, webdesign and webmarketing. So far so good, within 3 years we have reached 450.000 members and paid so far $250.000 to our belloved members.

For this great event we have prepared a special Points Contest : $1.000 total of prizes !
In the second row we have prepared some disscounts and promos too !

Bonus for new members
Free Upgrade Silver for 15 days + $0.25 to purchase balance to all new members instantly.

Promotions for everyone
- 05% off on all rented referrals extensions
- 15% Off on all Upgrades
- 50% Off on 1.000.000 PTC Ad Credits (only $100 instead $200)
- 60% Off on 31 days Login Ads (only $10 instead $25)
- 60% Off on 1.000.000 Banner Credits (only $10 instead $25)

Special Promo Packs
- 50 direct referrals packs
- 1000 direct referrals packs
- 2000 direct referrals packs
- 500 rented referrals packs

$500 Points Contest (#7)
Published on 01-09-2015

There was a long time, arround 13 months / 1 year and 1 month since we had a Points Contest. Now everyone have theirs option to work hard to get the 1st prize of this great contest.

The total prizes of this Points Contest is $500 , the prizes list can be found here and the top can be found here.

Points can be earned as allways but here is the things that can bring you points :
- 1 point for clicking
- 5 points for posting on forum
- 10 points for completing offers
- 25 points for each $1 deposited from payment processors
- 50 points for each direct refferal you get by promoting

There was long time since we didnt had any offer and with this occasion until the contest ends, all new members will have 1 week of Silver membership for FREE, and noe is even easier to promote Clixten when your refferals get free upgrade.
Bonus :
Upgrade and get 10% back to your PB*

You dont have money to promote, you dont know how to promote, you dont have money to invest and you think you cannot take part of this contest ? - WRONG
2500 clicks can be given in 30 days = 2500 points
1500 posts can be maked in 30 days = 7500 points
So you can make easly 10.000 points and on top easly, and even if you complete offers you will get even more points.
And even better the points can be converted into p. balance funds.

* - open a ticket in order to get 10% back of your upgrade cost back to your purchase balance.

I wish everyone to enjoy using our services and to be more active on the forum community.


Summer NEWS, Achievements and PROMO's
Published on 21-06-2015

Hi dear members,
For over 2 years and 7 months (31 months) we are constantly updating our system with new security options, lot of new features that are avaible on this moment on Clixten and more that will come live. At this moment our members are able to earn a stable income from over 13 ways that we are offering to everyone. A great achievement have been made tonight by all of you, our members, that got paid until now $200.000+.

Lately after we reviewed our plans and the long term contracts that our company obtained we have decided to raise the maximum withdraw with 10% higher. (please read more at the end of this topic about this)

For the $200.000 Achievement we will give to all new members that will register until 7 july 2015 Free Silver for 7 days.

HOT DEALS (avaible until 7 July)
Deal #1 = Membership/Upgrade disscounts:
We are offering a 10% disscount to all memberships. Dont hesitate to take advatage of this promotion.
Deal #2 = Rented Referrals Renew disscounts:
30 days: 5% === 60 days: 15% === 90 days: 25% === 180 days: 30% === 240 days: 35% === 365 days: 40%
Deal #3 = Fixed Advertising disscounts:
30 days 5s = ( 5% off - pay $95.0 insteed $100)
60 days 5s = (10% off - pay $171.0 insteed $190)
90 days 5s = (15% off - pay $238.0 insteed $280)
180 days 5s = (20% off - pay $432.0 insteed $540)
365 days 5s = (25% off - pay $750.0 insteed $1000)

30 days 10s = ( 5% off - pay $152.0 insteed $160)
60 days 10s = (10% off - pay $270.0 insteed $300)
90 days 10s = (15% off - pay $374.0 insteed $440)
180 days 10s = (20% off - pay $672.0 insteed $840)
360 days 10s = (25% off - pay $1162.5 insteed $1550)

At this moment our company SC Xten-Group SRL (Romanian Registered Company) beside the Paid to Click (Clixten), Webdesign (Xtendesign) and Webhosting (xtenhost) is extending on others markets, as soon others businesses will be opened ( no others paid to click ) everyone will be announced to follow our company growth. We do not open other paid to click websites because that is a long term scam plan, because the owner is not able to pay the members is opening another, and another and another and another. A sucesfully company is the one that is able to be only for years, pay the affiliates, partners, taxes, be able to make proffits and extend on others markets and be proffitable there too.

I want to thank you to all our members and our company personal that is composed of 8 person beside me and the Clixten moderators for theirs hard work keeping our SC Xten-Group SRL growing day by day.

Pascal Mihaela (SC Xten-Group SRL ~ CEO)

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